Cold calling scripts sound fake and create rejection... isn't it time for a change?

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"Break Free From Any Old-School Sales Thinking That's Making You Treat Your Prospects Like They Are Just Part of the "Numbers Game"... and
Declare Your Sales Independence!"

Dear Friend,

  What do the American Revolution, David and Goliath and Unlock The Game have in common?

  They're all about breaking free from the establishment, going up against
"old school" thinking, even if the odds are not in your favor, and coming out on top.

  The idea of breaking free and carving out your own path is exactly what the Unlock The Game Mindset will do for you.

  And that's why I decided to create my own Declaration of SALES Independence.

  So how do you Declare Your Sales Independence? First, if you've been on the fence about making a personal sales breakthrough, now is the time to order your Unlock The Game Mastery Program.

  If you order Part 1 of the Mastery Program (details below), you'll also get:

  - Your very own 11 x 17 full color "Declaration of Sales Independence" poster to remind you every day of your sales independence

  If you order Part 1 and 2 of the Mastery Program (details below), you'll also get:

  - An additional full hour of personal coaching (value $197)

  - An extra special 3 hour online coaching program recording led by Ari (and written transcripts) called "Advanced Unlock The Game Mindset Training and How It Can Break You Free" (value $797)...which includes:

  1) How to discover the hidden "blockage" that is holding
you back for making your opening conversation 100%

  2) 5 life-changing insights that will make the Mindset a
natural part of your thinking so that you'll never feel
forced to defend yourself in a sales situation ever again

  3) New step-by-step strategies on how to tighten up your
opening problem statement so it engages your prospect each
and every time you make your call

  4) Deeper insights into where you take the conversation after
your prospect says "Tell me more..." so that you don't
default to a sales pitch

  5) A play-by-play "walk through" of how to engage
gatekeepers so that they truly feel you care about them so
they feel comfortable putting you through to your decision

  6) The only secret you need to know to turn a face-to-face
"sales pitch" presentation into a problem-focused
conversation (taking the pressure out of the meeting so you
can easily get to the truth)

  7) How to find your real decision maker (the one who
signs the checks) and to bring all the "influencers" in the
organization together to focus on your solution

  8) A step-by-step cheat sheet that will lay the Mindset thinking
process in front of you so you can refer to it each make
the Mindset stick

  9) How to create your own "moment of silence" before you
make your call so that you stay centered and humble before
you start your conversation

  10) An easy-to-follow formula that gives you your choice of
"bridging" phrases to use on your initial call so that you don't
feel stuck having to default to a sales pitch

  11) 8 key debrief questions that you can ask yourself after
your call to self-correct any slipping of the Mindset

  ....All the details of the Mastery Program are below and this special offer ends midnight July 4th.

  (Remember, if you choose the one-time payment option for part 1 and 2, you'll save up to $300).

  To your success,



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March 26, 2017         Quote Of The Day

"It's important to remind your prospect throughout your conversation that it's perfectly okay if the two of you are not a fit."


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