Cold calling scripts sound fake and create rejection... isn't it time for a change?

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  In the last few days, I've received a flurry of e-mails from some of my Unlock The Game clients commenting on some recent remarks by a well-known "sales guru" who was recently in Australia about how it's perfectly acceptable to manipulate prospects to make the sale.

  Gee... and you wonder what gives "sales people" such a negative perception in our society.

  I won't mention this "guru's" name, but what I will tell you is – that kind of thinking is a direct challenge to those of us who believe that the core value of respecting others is a measure of our own integrity.

  Here are some of his comments:

  "You most definitely should be doing everything you can to get your prospects to do business with you, including manipulating your prospect's emotions. Make them uncomfortable, anxious, worried – even scared – about what might happen if they don't decide to business with you now. The only real question that matters is, 'Can you manipulate your prospect's emotions on command?'"

  All that talk about manipulation reminded me of a handbook my dad once told me about. It was something that extremist cults used to give out to their recruiters. (My dad's a psychologist who used to specialize in helping parents free their kids psychologically from extremist cults).

  You see, there's a prevailing belief among traditional "sales experts" that making the sale depends mostly on your ability to manipulate your prospects.

  In other words, working a prospect into an emotional frenzy by blatantly manipulating their feelings and playing on their vulnerabilities is a legitimate "sales technique" to be used freely because it's for the prospect's ultimate good that they buy your product or service.

  Hmmm...if you're beginning to cringe as you're reading this, then I think you'll be open to what I'm about to say....

  You Don't Have to Manipulate to be Successful 

  A lot of sales can be made without an ounce of manipulation. In fact, as I'm writing this, thousands of Unlock The Game clients are growing their incomes by using the phone, face-to-face, e-mail and the Internet as selling channels.

  And they're doing it from a position of total integrity by focusing in on their prospect's problems. Not by using those problems to push emotional buttons that try to scare people into buying.

  The Unlock The Game Mindset that I teach is based on creating a genuine, trusting connection with a prospect (yes, even on an initial contact).

  This sets the tone for a natural two-way dialogue that lets the prospect know that the ultimate decision is theirs, not ours.

  When you sell this way, you respect the other person's humanity, and your integrity becomes a compelling reason why they consider buying from you.

  The other day, I had a conversation about it with my father.

  His commentsbelow pretty much sums things up (and they'll also show you why he's been such a huge inspiration to the Mindset that I teach and to my life):

  "When people stoop to using 'no holds barred' manipulative techniques, they diminish themselves, even if the product is good for the prospect. It's always wrong to try to manipulate someone into buying a product or service even if it would benefit them.

  "What's most precious about us in our work and our personal lives is our sense of humanity. We enrich our lives by respecting and enjoying our connections with people. Our pride in who we are and our dignity is rooted in our respect for others with whom we come into contact."

  That's why I believe you should never use manipulation to get people to buy.

  You can make more sales by conveying to your prospect that you clearly understand their problem, that you genuinely care more about their goals than making the sale, and that you won't take advantage of them by using manipulative "sales techniques."

  It's ironic... the more you begin to change your selling mindset away from traditional selling to a trust-based mindset, the sooner your sales results begin to change for the better.

  To your success,


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"By apologizing, you're taking the first step to diffuse any tension that your prospect might be feeling, because most people have received so many calls from salespeople who use the traditional mindset that they're conditioned to respond in a defensive manner. "


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