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 Real Stories from People in Your Industry
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Sales professionals from these companies are successfully using Unlock The Game:

• AG Edwards
• Allied Home Mortgage
• AON Consulting
• Bear Stearns & Co.
• Brother International
• Better Business Bureau
• Century 21 Realty
• Citibank
• Clear Channel Communications
• Coldwell Banker
• Executive Search Group
• Farmers Insurance
• Fidelity National Mortgage
• The Fidelity Group
• Gateway
• General Electric
• Herbal Life
• Hughes Network Systems
• Kaplan University
• Melaluca
• Met Life
• Motorola
• Morgan Stanley
• National Association for the Self-Employed
• Nationwide Mortgage Lenders
• NPD Group
• Panasonic
• Pfizer
• Pitney Bowes
• Piper Jaffray
• Pre-Paid Legal
• Primerica
• Radisson Hotels
• Realty Executives
• Siemens
• Sprint
• State Farm Insurance
• SunTrust
• Telecom Plus
• United American Insurance
• Valpak
• Wells Fargo
• Wall Street Strategies

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"Your program is what the accounting field has needed for years"

"As an accountant, the last thing I want to be perceived as is a 'salesperson'. You have taught me a simple way of offering my services without creating the wrong impression. What's most effective is the wording and phrases you offer in your Mastery program. What's great is that they are completely non-aggressive but at the same time effective, because they elicit the truth from the client's agenda. Now I finally have the confidence to approach someone new without compromising my professionalism and integrity. Your program has been what the accounting field has needed for years."

Phil Hamilton, Senior Accountant, Hamilton Business Group

Click to listen to Phil's story


  "I Unlocked The Gatekeeper's Game"

"Last week I had another breakthrough as a result of your
Unlock The Game program. I sell advertising and I called a Chiropractic clinic using your cold calling mindset and phraseology, and then took it a step futher:  I told the gentleman that answered the phone that I knew that the doctors relied on him to screen out sales people that would waste their time.I went on to say that I was just calling to see if  the doctors would be open to some new ideas related to identifying and drawing in more patients/clients. I unlocked the gatekeeper's game, and brought honesty into the transaction.

The "gatekeeper" ended up talking to me for ten minutes!

And then, as the conversation ended, I figured out
that  the "gatekeeper" was none other than one of the doctors -
he had answered the phones to help out on a busy day.
He did not tell me that, but it was clear by his answers to my questions
and his obvious authority.  I was able to engage a decision-maker because 
I showed respect for the gatekeeper instead of trying to sneak past.

Mike Simpson, Senior Consultant, Waller Broadcasting 

 Click to listen to Mike's story

"Simply brilliant. What Ari has done, is take fundamental values relating to openness and honesty and "wrapped" them around the dreaded sales experience. This should have been done years ago. It's about time the sales world has a new role model that reflects how all of us really feel."
Marlene Mamane, Vice President - Sales, Promotion Exchange

"I have listened to your Unlock The Game program several times over. There were items on there that have really struck a chord, and I am working on adopting the mindset and skills in those areas. All in all, it's a great, well produced, and worth the price."
Richard Resnick, National Sales Manager, SQL Server Magazine Network

"Ari's Unlock The Game definitely made an impact on my sales team. The live session with Ari was excellent...he actually made a "live" cold call in front of 20 sales people and was able to carry it through beautifully with his approach. All of us were impressed and we plan on making mindset a part of our innovative company culture." 
Lorena Rico, Sales & Customer Service Manager, Modern Postcard, Inc.

"I would have been 'toast'
without Unlock The Game"

"I'm absolutely loving your program Ari! I had
a VP of Marketing today say to me, "I have a meeting
to run to but, tell me about your new ideas so I can
direct you to the right person or have you call back."
I followed the Unlock The Game methodology and said
"That's not a problem, we show companies how to target new customers who are most likely to buy gym memberships."
He then told me someone else would be the best person to handle that type of marketing and transfered to the decision maker! I would have been "toast" at "hello" withithout Unlock The Game."
John Reisinger, Sales Consultant, Database Marketing Partners

Click to listen to John's story

"I had my whole sales team listen in on the teleconference, most of whom are all seasoned sales professionals and we all took something away from it. I look forward to seeing the results of my representatives putting Unlock The Game  into practice. Thank you again."
Bob Williams, Advertising Sales Director, McNeill Group, Inc.

" Thank you! I can't believe how such simple techniques can make such a difference to the way in which people receive the message I am delivering. The tension and resistance has gone, the results are vastly improved, and I no longer feel stressed about the prospect of making cold calls."
Elizabeth O'Driscoll, Account Manager, Superdockets Advertising, New Zealand

Business Consulting

"Ari's program has transformed our entire thinking and results as it relates to selling to our prospects and clients. Unlock The Game has revolutionized our business by helping us weed out prospects who have no intention of buying, and it get's us away from the traditional "salesperson" stereotype that we, especially here in Australia, hate so much. Making more sales without having to sell the old way is the best kept secret around. If you're the least bit skeptical about Ari's program, don't hesitate to call me."
Taki Moore, Action International, Sydney - Australia
 Click to listen to Taki's story

"Ari, just finished your Unlock The Game program and frankly I'm blown away. All I can think of is the knot in my stomach that I always felt when making a cold call. Now it's gone. Your method to end pressure has opened up new doors for me.  I've always been stuck between two worlds, working hard to retain my professionalism and to avoid any pressure-filled sales related language. Your way of cold calling keeps me centered and relaxed. I no longer have to shift into an artificial role when I call someone new. Can't wait for your next one!"
Matthew Yubas, President, Product Coach Inc.

"I unlocked the game at a trade show,
and it worked like a charm!"

"Recently, our company was an exhibitor at a trade show. A week before the show, I started setting appointments for decisionmakers to come to our booth to meet with me. By using your approach and changing my mindset, I was able to diffuse any pressure over the phone simply by asking, “Hi, could you help me out for a minute?” Their most common response was, “Sure. What do you need?”`My next question was to ask whether they were open to the idea of looking at different ways to reduce their expenses. Most of the time, they replied, “Well, sure, but what kinds of expenses are you talking about?”

Right then, I was able to open the conversation between us and humanize our initial relationship. At that point, it was easy and comfortable to suggest that we continue our conversation at the tradeshow.
Ari, what I’m about to share with you is something I’ve never seen in my 8 years of selling.

When the people I had talked with arrived at our booth, they looked very unsure of themselves--intimidated, even a bit frightened.
When they said, “I’m here to meet with Scott,” I gave them a big smile and reached my hand out and said, “Hi, I’m Scott, nice to finally meet you.” I then took them away from the booth and sat them down in a neutral area where there was a grouping of chairs, and simply had a conversation with them, like any of us would with one of our best friends over coffee.

Once they realized that I wasn’t there to cram Expense Reduction Experts down their throat, I could actually see their physical demeanor change. One man, for example, went from uncertainty and discomfort to being a warm, smiling person who welcomed me into his life. It was something I’ve never seen in selling before. And the same thing happened with almost every one of the decisionmakers who came to meet with me. It was unbelievable.
What also surprised me is how I took “rejection.” I have to put “rejection” in quotes because I never felt that I was rejected, because my conversations with these decisionmakers taught me that we weren’t able to help everyone.

I found out within the first 5 minutes whether or not they had a problem and, if they did, whether our solution was a possible right one for them. When I determined that we didn’t have a solution to their problem, or that our services just didn’t make sense for their company, I felt good, because I wasn’t wasting their time, or, more importantly, MINE.

Don’t get me wrong—I’d like to be able to help everyone, but that’s just not realistic. So, instead of chasing someone for the next 6 months, I felt a sense of relief that we had come to a conclusion, even though our companies were not the right match.
I obtained 3 verbal commitments to our services at the show, and I’m confident that we’ll be able to help several more companies I met with to lower their expenses as well. 
Thanks, Ari, for helping me unlock the game—and please invite your readers to get in touch with me for more details.

Scott Bishop, Senior Account Representative, Expense Reduction Experts 

Click to listen to Scott's story

"I am happy to report that I used your approach and it felt great. I had been struggling with the concept of selling my services for sometime. I recently had a very important/large potential client ask me how I felt about selling since my background is in OD and HR. Well, to his surprise and my comfort level I simply explained that I do not sell etc....based on your principles. It may have been the turning point of our positive meeting, which "sold" him on my truthfulness, integrity, and ultimately my services. Thanks for the great insight! "
Edie Emmich, General Manager, HR Halftime 

"Cold calling is no longer a chore for me and now I don't spend my time 'chasing' anymore"

"Ari, you're the only American bloke that really can teach us salespeople here in the UK a good lesson on how to change our selling approach.
My results have been outstanding since I ordered your Mastery Program. It's your mindset that makes it so powerful. What's fascinating is that your approach is exactly the opposite of what all the other American sales trainers teach here in the UK, and that's what makes it so intriguing. I've cleaned up my pipeline, my sales are up and the dreaded chasing game is finally over."

Ian Kershaw, Consultant, ERA United Kingdom
 Click to listen to Ian's story

"Ari your Unlock The Game content is great. You are very insightful and have been able to describe and simplify complex human reactions to an everyday experience in a way that is very understandable. You have found a great way of helping bring to conscious awareness emotions that are often denied and ignored in the sales interaction, yet have such a negative impact on the out come."
Gail Schaper-Gordon, Ph.D., President, Win Win Workplace Solutions

"Cold calling and talking with gatekeepers doesn't hurt anymore"

"The biggest impact from your program is the
Unlock The Game mindset and how it's the complete
opposite of just another "sales technique".
I am new to
sales, however I have sat across the table from many sales
people and know how uncomfortable it gets when someone
is “selling at you”. I called one company this week and the receptionist started grilling me about who I was, where I was calling from. I froze as I could feel myself getting tense, but then the mindset kicked in and I was able to understand what I did and what I can do to avoid triggering her defense mechanisms so she didn't pigeon-hole me as just another "sales call".

Ken Uchida, Consultant, ERA Canada
 Click to listen to Ken's story

"I have been in direct sales for 30 years. What you have done is nothing short of fantastic. The shift to Unlock The Game has made a huge impact on my sales, not to mention my attitude about cold calling, I actually look forward now to making cold calls everyday, I love your approach and I want every everyone to know about it."
Dennis Fadden, Senior Consultant, VOC Inc.

 "Trust and integrity is the sales process"

"Let me bottom line this for you Ari. I'm an independent marketing consultant and I'm responsible for a 100% of my own revenue generation. I recently presented my services to a potential client as I normally would.

Of course, I was my usual low-key professional self not using any traditional sales techniques. But at the end of our meeting, a major shift happened. As we were finishing our meeting, he asked "So what's the next step for us to explore working together?"

I used the exact language that you suggested in your self-study program and here is what he told me "You know, you're the first Marketing Consultant we've talked to that didn't immediately want to write a proposal and get us to sign it as fast possible. I really respect your candor.  

And without skipping another beat, he took out his Palm and asked ME for the follow-up meeting to keep the dialog going. Your Unlock The Game program is the "missing link" in selling, and the way you weave trust and integrity into the process is completely unique." Larry Richard, President, Breakthrough Marketing

Click to listen to Matt's story

"Ari's Unlock The Game is profound and life changing. I have been in the selling game for over 25 years and have never seen a program that works for both the customer and sales professional. Most selling programs are designed to coax the client into buying, with Ari's program, clients ask to buy. If you sell anything, this will increase customer satisfaction and sales."
Ken Foster, CEO, Shared Vision Network

"My professional life includes over 20 years of national and international marketing and sales. All of this has been good to great experience. Now, wanting to shape my coaching practice into one of selected clients and fields, I turned to Ari's Unlock The Game to give me the freedom I need to achieve this goal. Today, with only three weeks training, I have prospective clients asking me when we can start. I expect to double my practice with exactly the kind of clients and challenges I seek. As gratifying as these results are, I plan to continue onto the next phase of learning. Before this, I just did not realize how spectacular the results could be."
Elinor Stone, President, The Cambrex Group

" I feel like Unlock The Game was created just for me. I've built my career on being in sales and securing customers, yet something was always missing. The goal was always to make a sale and complete the transaction. Ari's program has helped me realize that what was missing was the human connection. I now focus on the other person in my business and daily conversations. I've found a wonderful place of peace that allows me to talk about value, experience, and working together (or not) that is void of the sales pressure and defensive reactions that have haunted me for 20 years. Unlock The Game is natural and effective for me and I believe that American business is thirsting for your offering."
Sean Clancy, President, CSC Executive Coaching  

" Ari's Unlock The Game has taken my ability to communicate with new prospective clients to another level, I never thought possible. There are subtle situations where I might find myself with a potential client that could easily turn into a buyer and seller role, creating undue pressure. This approach provides me with new phrases and words that I can use in a gracious manner to ensure that my clients feel comfortable with our interaction. This translates into more clients and revenue for my business, plain and simple."
David Herdlinger, President, Herdlinger Associates, 

"I heard about Ari's Unlock The Game at a professional organization and became intrigued and so I signed up for Ari's advanced seminar. I attended the first session on a Monday afternoon, and the next morning, I discovered that I had absorbed a completely new mindset to selling and presenting my services, which has removed the pressure I have always felt in the past. Here is what resulted that very day: I was immediately able to step into calling some potential customers and close 2 sales that otherwise would not have happened. That's because in the past I would have been too intimated by my own fears and discomfort to call these folks and engage them in a productive, non-pressured conversation about using me to further their interests. Bottom line, Unlock The Game has rapidly and dramatically improved my confidence in sales situations."
Joyce Baker, President, Coaching Your Business

"I learned that the 'sale' doesn't have to clash with my client's needs"

"I've always had a block against 'selling', which I assumed I'd just have to deal with if I was going to be successful, however uncomfortable and out of integrity with myself it might make me feel.

What I learned from Unlock The Game is that I don't have to 'deal with it' at all... the exact concerns I have about having to sell (the sales techniques I deeply object to having used on me, and don't like the idea of using on other people!), are things I don't have to use at all for my business, and would probably end up jeopardising my success if I did.

I've known in theory about keeping the sales process about the person I'm speaking to, and their issues, but somehow I've never quite made the connection between the theory and *how* to apply it without having it feel like just another form of manipulation designed to get that 'all-important sale'.

I feel a lot more relaxed about (and dare I say it, actually looking forward to selling) the inevitable conversations that I'd originally thought would have to be about sales, because they'll be helping me get me back to my core purpose for setting up my business in the first place... how can I help people and make their lives better?!

Tanja Gardner, Partner, Optimum Life , New Zealand

Click to listen to Tanja's story

"I'm an Executive Coach and it is important for me to maintain my professional image. I am uncomfortable with prospective clients perceiving me as trying to "sell" them my services. My expertise is coaching not "selling". That is the reason why I hired Ari to coach me on his approach.Unlock The Game helps me to be aware of the pressure, lurking beneath the surface, when I am speaking with a potential new client. It diffuses that pressure, at the same time, keeps me in control of the sales process. I really think Ari is great at what he does!"
Andrea Wylan, Founder, Innerworks Coaching

"I wanted you to know that I used your approach in my e-mails and got two calls back one will be a sale tomorrow the other the client is lining up the money - both people had not returned my calls in the past. Taking the pressure out is making it easier for me - and for them."
Eric Harmon, President, Rich Dads Coaching

Consumer Products

"Finally the profound truth about
selling and cold calling revealed."

"My sales are up for one profound reason: Ari has taught me a new sales mindset that gets to the core about how to sell without the akwardness and rejection experienced by most salespeople.
Unlock The Program is exactly what the sales industry has needed for years... a new refreshing approach based on honesty and sincerity. Those are the core values that I've always believed in but could never integrate into my sales and cold calling process until now. If you are in sales and don't have Ari's program, you are missing more than you can imagine."

Benita Sanserino, Sales Manager, Punch Studios

Click to listen to Benita's story


"Cold calling is no longer an awkward experience for me and my prospect"

"I've increased my appointment setting ratio by 300% with Unlock The Game. The cold calling mindset and languaging are truly revolutionary. I've always prided myself in not coming across aggressive over the phone, but I never realised the importance my voice, energy level and the words in order to create trust over the phone. My fear of cold calling is completely gone and now I feel good about cold calling again. I no longer jump at the chance to make a sale the moment I sense an opening in the conversation. And now the minute I call someone I don't fumble for my words, the call isn't awkward and the conversation is a meaningful one."

Randy Villa, Manager, Tradesman International, inc


Click to listen to Randy's story

Educational Programs

 "The dread of cold calling is finally over"

People - Lason Perkins"I never thought it would be possible to eliminate the rejection and pain that I experienced.  The Unlock The Game program is so different yet makes so much sense, I implemented the ideas and my fear of cold calling began to melt away. It wasn't because of a new "line" or new "script", it was because Ari's ideas fundamentally shifted the way I viewed how to call on someone without working myself into a frenzy. I'm now the top producer in my territory and oh, cold calling is now fun again!"  

Lason Perkins, Sales Consultant, The College Network


Click to listen to Lason's story


" I have been through a lot of sales training programs and nothing has made an impact on me as much as my sales training with Ari's Unlock The Game. His ability to respond to every one of my sales challenges with a thoughtful and intelligent response is worth hearing and seeing in itself. Ari's program goes very deep into the psychology of why prospects control sales people, which gave me insight and empathy I wasn't able to see before. My closing ratio is up and I have more control of the sales process. Tony Robbins, Tom Hopkins, watch out! " 
Bonnie Pollack, Senior Sales Consultant, Wayne Foster Productions, Inc

"I was recently given a new lead. I made the contact and used your approach. It was the most pleasant experience I have ever been exposed to in a selling situation. Thank you Ari for this major sales style make over."
Jeff Carrillo, President, Carillo International Photography 

" Ari, your program has lifted a massive weight off my shoulders. It's an amazing feeling to know that I don't have to feel that nagging tension that I've felt for so many years."
Tim Coe, President, Hands On Productions - U.K.

Financial Services

"I've been hitting my head against the wall for months, until I found Unlock The Game"

" I've been hitting my head against the wall (so to speak) for months trying to figure out why selling financial planning is so damn tough. After applying Unlock The Game across the board in my phone calls, marketing letters and tradeshow strategies, it finally hit me why my business has finally turned around for the better: your program has given me a profound release from the old school selling ideas that everyone in my industry still uses day in and day out. I know have the keys I had been looking for to finally figure out how to have my prospects, at first contact, trust me and share with their problems openly, without hesitation."
Winston Robinson, Financial Consultant, Investors Group Financial Services


Click to listen to Winston's story


"Almost the day after studying your CDs and Ebooks, my over-the-phone appointment setting ratio jumped 50%. Your cold calling approach is so novel yet so natural that people I call immediately relax and we end up having solid conversations together. Bottom line: your Unlock The Game program has jump-started my cold calling efforts and Im saving a huge amount of time because I can now qualify people quicker, without the fear and rejection I used to experience before. Why wasn't your program around years ago!"
Jack Young, Financial Consultant, Raymond James Financial

"I no longer feel like I'm intruding when I'm selling -- finally no more push and pull"

"What happened over the years? Why has selling become so painful? Well, all I know is now I can go back to being myself again. I always hated being associated with the negative "salesperson" stereotype, you know what I'm talking about. Ari, you have taught me how to "let go" of all those old selling habits that have made me feel like I was intruding on the people I called. Your program has released me from that fear and awkwardness that's always held me back. Bringing trust back into the selling process is one of the most profound ideas I've come across in years. Keep up the good work!"
Doug Allred, Financial Consultant, Primerica


 Click to listen to Doug's story

" I just wanted let you know how important your program is to me and my company. I now find myself calling new people and really enjoying it. This has been an amazing mindset change for us! We can't help everyone -- nor do we think we want to try!!! Ari, you have helped us to "weed the garden" -- so to speak. Your approach is simple and to the point, yet profound in it's richness on how it builds trust between strangers."
Nancy Blocker, Manager, Schaecher Comprehensive Wealth Management

" Ari, I am integrating the strategies from your Unlock The Game program into my sales conversations (not pitches any more) and am seeing measurable results.  I commend your ingenuity."
Gene Ratti, President, CRZ Investments 

" Thanks for codifying an honest, fearless, compassionate sales system."
Peter Feinstein, President, The Marketing Brokerage   

"God bless you for "languaging" the selling language I've developed in me over the past 13 years which needless to say has been a huge "missing" in my career. I've been using your "language" and I'm finding people are being drawn to me. I've retooled my whole approach. Funny, I was once coached a while back by a guy who use to tell me to "give people a huge way out" when your talking with them about your services, but the "how" was never outlined. You've found the missing link and it fits like a glove."
Alex G., Consultant, Financial Services Inc.

Home Furnishings

"Cold Calling door-to-door is now easy
and actually enjoyable!"

"I'd pretty much given up on sales right before I learned about Ari's program. For the last 3 years I've been setting appointments in the home improvement industry - going door to door, no less. After working with Ari's mindset, my objectives changed. They are now to focus on the other person's need first, before mine. That way, both of us get our needs met by me helping them solve a problem, then they feel more comfortable buying my solution. I sleep well at night now because I can connect the dots with why my sales were painfully slow. Now selling door-to-door is fun again. Thank you!"

 Viginia Lukei, Sales Consultant, JM Interiors Window Coverings

Click to listen to Virginia's story 


"Your Unlock The Game program is truly an experience that no one who is serious about selling should miss. I cannot emphasize enough what your program did to awaken my hidden sales talents. It was like a new born baby opening their eyes to the real world."
Manny Lara, Sales Manager, Radisson Hotels

Information Services

"$20,000 is what I earned with
Unlock The Game"

"20,000 is what I earned on two deals because of Ari's Unlock The Game . I didn't use any traditional old-school sales techniques to make it happen. After listening to the CDs, we followed your program "by the book." Not only did the client choose us over 2 other competitors, but we were the highest priced. Even though our services were comparable to the other competitors,the client chose us because of the way we treated him from the "hello" to the "thank you". Thanks, we didn't expect results so fast.

Mitch Woolley, V.P. Sales & Marketing, E-Marketing Associates

Click to listen to Mitch's story

"Ari's approach to selling is refreshingly honest, easy to learn, incredibly effective, and downright fun! Most amazing, it's equally indispensable for the most seasoned salesperson and the novice "wannabe". No matter who you are, if you aren't using Unlock The Game , you're not realizing your full potential."
Tom Stigler, Vice President - Sales, The NPD Group

"Ari, you've developed a sound concept that allows those who are willing to change their stereotypical sales behavior to rise among the masses. Furthermore, I left today's session with a new theory and an effective method to implement the theory. Thanks so much for making this valuable information available to me."
Nancy Mills, Senior Consultant, CoreComm

"Having come from a client servicing (a/k/a client relationship) background, sales for me is still about building relationships rather than the end goal of making the sale. From the prospect's perspective I think that your approach really addresses that we're just here to help them with their needs if we have a good fit, rather than putting the standard approach to them."
Tricia Long, Associate Client Executive, Russell/Mellon Analytical Services

"Ari, your seminar was helpful and thanks for helping me get "out of the box" in regards to overcoming objections."
Alease Perry, Consultant, Universal Data Consulting

"Your Program 'saved my life' when it came to the dreaded chore of chasing prospects"

 "Finally, you have taught me how to bring back to life so many of my prospects that have dropped off the face of the earth. I spend so much of my time chasing prospects who show interest, but when I try to call or email them, they just disappear on me.It feels like I'm being treated as someone less than most other human beings. Your Unlock The Game program basically 'saved my life' when it comes to the dreaded chore of chasing prospects, because I now use the ideas in your materials, especicially the wording that you recommend and all of a sudden my long-lost prospects are calling my back. Brilliant, I wish I had your program 7 years ago." 

Peter Chung, Sales Consultant, NPD Group

 Click to listen to Peter's story


"Now I know why my sales
were going no where"

"I just finished reading and listening to the Unlock The Game program and it has really helped me connect the dots with why my sales seem to go no where. I get through the whole process, even through a couple of appointments, and no sale! The sale was lost at "hello", as you have identified. I'm looking forward to correcting my mindset and having my most successful year ever. Thank you!"Marissa Ayala, Account Executive, State Farm Insurance & Financial Services


  Click to listen to Marissa's story 


"Cold calling used to be a nightmare,
not any more"

 "To sum up my experience with Unlock The Game, last week I met a gal at a networking group who told me that she was choosing between 3 portfolio advisors for her $80k 401k roll-over. I wanted so bad to tell her what I could do to win her business... but, no. As much as it hurt, I asked her what she thought she should do. She said another firm would get her business. I said, calmly "Then that's exactly what you should do. I think that makes excellent sense to go with them." Surrender. Give it over. Stop fighting, stop convincing, stop defending. Amazingly, after pondering for a moment, she said "Frank, do you think you might be able to design a portfolio for me, you've impressed me as someone who cares. Wow. That is $2,000 I never would have earned if it wasn't for Unlock The Game ."

Frank Lehane, Insurance Consultant, 


"Cold calling is productive again and I'm cutting down on chasing prospects"

"Ari, your program makes perfect sense. I've known for some time that there was something wrong with the traditional way of cold calling, but could not seem to get past it.  I've spoken to new prospects by phone  using your approach and have had good results.  My old training taught me to push for the appointment the minute someone expressed interested in my products.  By using your approach and asking them what would make them feel comfortable about their situation, I'm cutting down on useless appointments and the dreaded cat and mouse sales game."

Chris Friedley, Sales Agent, Mid-West National Life Insurance Co.

  Click to listen to Chris's story 

"I enjoyed your CDs. I like the fact that the salespersons' frame of mind is walking into the prospect thinking, 'I don't need a sale, if it will not help the prospect'. It really takes the
pressure off."
Sue Eusepi, Regional Director, AFLAC

"I put Unlock The Game to the
ultimate cold call test, and it worked!"

 "I ordered your Unlock The Game Mastery program just yesterday and went through the cold calling material right away.I liked what I saw and decided that a true cold call -- knowing nothing but the name of the person at a company -- would be a great way to test whether just the "language" of what you suggest might bring me better results than the techniques and strategies I've been using. 
I've been finding that I kept having to "defend" the call, which was almost always pleasant enough but didn't engage the other person in a dialogue.
In other words, I was getting nowhere fast.

So this morning I randomly picked a CFO to call. I used your suggested language verbatim, and it worked EXACTLY as you said it would, no pressure, no rejection and a booked appointment to boot!

I can't tell you how relaxed and comfortable the conversation went from start to finish. 

I'm looking forward to making more calls and to mastering your Unlock The Game program.

Mark Mixer, Senior Consultant, AON Consulting, Atlanta, Georgia

  Click to listen to Mark's story

Legal Services

" In a nutshell, Ari's Unlock The Game is the most effective selling program I have ever experienced, and one that will remain with me for a life time.  After ordering the self-study tools and then working personally with Ari through one-on-one coaching sessions, I have learned more in that short amount of time than I did over the last 15 years of my career about how to view my own behaviors. My "wake-up call" was to finally realize that when I let go of the final objective (i.e. make the sale), then I truly allow my authentic self to come to the surface rather than carry the burden of the artificial "sales" role that I've hated for years."
Dennis Fielding, Prepaid Legal Service Broker-Group Benefits-CDLP Specialist

Management Consulting

"A revolutionary selling program that
gets you to the truth of the sale"

"In my years of working with corporate executives, entrepreneurs and sales professionals one thing that I have learned about highly effective salespeople is that -sales is not about the close but rather it's about building relationships with others that results in a mutually beneficial outcome.With his Unlock The Game, Ari not only dispels several debilitating myths about the selling process but he provides a detailed step-by-step program to help us all get closer to the truth of the sale, making this a must have program for anyone looking to take the pressure out of selling and transform themselves into a highly effective salesperson."
Pete Nelson, CEO, The Valeo Group

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"Recently, I attended Ari Galper's Unlock The Game seminar. Cold calling and the inherent chasing that goes with the process has been a terribly painful psychological process in the past. Since the seminar and acquiring the Unlock The Game program, I now find cold calling and the overall management of the process to be relatively effortless and absolutely pain-free psychologically. "
Philip Newbold, Managing Director, Transition Consulting LLC

"If you have the opportunity to work with Ari and learn from him, grab it. He is intelligent, inspirational, easy to work with, and has a deep understanding of the interaction between the prospect and sales person."
Ron Smith, Managing Partner, C.G. Wright & Assoc.

"Ari, I would like to thank you for your insights and for taking the stress off of "selling" and allowing me to be myself and relaxed at work."
Tina Louise Penn, New Business Development Manager, DCS Solutions  


"Finally, the truth about selling"

"Profound is the only word I can think of to describe the Unlock The Game program. It cuts through all the old traditional sales messages that all of us have been so conditioned to accept. Finally, someone has enough guts to stand up and say enough to the sales thinking and behaviors that have caused such negative sales stereotyping around people who aren't part of that stereotype. Ari, you have grounded me in a philosophy that is so genuine and practical that I'm already applying it to my daily selling situations."

Alexandria Brown, President, The E-Zine Queen,

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"I finally learned how to unlock the dreadful cold calling and chasing game"

"I can't believe in all my years of selling, no one has ever had the brilliant insights to stop the chasing of prospects until now. Ari's Mastery Program material is brilliant. I've never seen anyone articulate so clearly how to make the dreaded cold call into one of the most pleasant experiences in my day. I even learned how to follow-up with prospects on email by engaging them in a conversation around THEIR problems and not MY solutions. If you don't have Ari's program, you are definitely not reaching your potential."

Tad Hargrave, CEO, Radical Business Marketing

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  "My sales have doubled"

"My sales have doubled for one simple yet powerful reason: my mindset has been expanded by the Unlock The Game program giving me new skills that I never could have imagined. What's happening is that potential clients now trust me at a deeper level than they ever have resulting in more sales and even better, more referrals. Hands down, Unlock The Game is the breakthrough to all traditional sales messages that just gets rehashed over and over again. Nothing proves a new program better than more sales."

Pat Sawler, President, Craigburn Mortgage Capital 

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"If you're in the Mortgage business and don't have Ari's program, you're moving backwards"

"Selling mortgages these days is really tough. Everyone is doing it and they are all doing it the same old traditional way. Of course we have all been trained with the old way of thinking, giving a pitch and then closing our eyes and hoping we get the application. Boy, is that painful. Your mindset is absolutely in accordance with my personal beliefs. I hate getting sales calls myself, so now I have a mental framework to work from that makes me completely different than everyone else in the Mortgage industry. I now know how to create a two-way dialogue instead of a one-way pitch. Thank you Ari, you have helped me find my personal voice." 
Eric Mercier, Mortgage Broker, Pacific First Financial

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"Revolutionary and Brilliant."

"Your Mindset is right on the mark. Just to let you know I live in a small town in a rural community in northern CA. I was mentored by a man that was a life member of the million dollar round table and led his company in sales from this remote area. He was a giant in his industry, and before he retired gave motivational speeches and seminars around the nation. I feel very fortunate to have learned everything that he taught me. What you are doing is another notch above that. The way you have intertwined honesty and integrity in a business that is notoriously "salesy", is nothing short of brilliant and revolutionary. Ari, you are the new role model."
Ben Copeland, Mortgage Broker, B.C. Home Loans

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"I can now be myself again instead of the dreaded morgtage sales person"

"Personally, my mindset has always been about helping people. The problem was that every mortgage company trains their people the same way, the old way. You know what I mean, make more calls, accept rejection as normal, getting beat up is part of sales. Boy, are they living in the dark ages. Ari's program has helped me to stop "selling" and instead to be a trusted advisor on the phone. People trust me now because they know I don't have a hidden agenda to try and sell them -- instead they know that I want to help them. Isn't that what it's all about? Ari, thank you for giving me a new philosophy that let's me be me and not an unwelcomed salesperson."

Joe Albany, Mortgage Consultant, AFB Mortgage Group

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"Ari, I think the material you have is wonderful. You present it in a way that makes it possible for people to get the idea immediately. I think people might struggle, at first, with the fact that it is so contrary to what we've all been taught about successful selling, but, the whole concept of trust -- trusting that taking a different view of ourselves, our business and our customers - is so core to who we all are that it is bound to positively impact our success."
Katherine Moody, Senior Broker, Wilshire Thorne Residential Mortgage

Music Industry

"You finally discovered how we can cold call with our right brain instead of our left!"

"Ari, you are a true artist. Both Gwen and I have stopped being “salespeople” and now we are having fun cold calling and we were amazed at how people are responding to us. What’s more, at the end of the day we aren't burned out. We are energized, and truly happy. Oh, and did I mention we are making more sales than we could ever have imagined! What you have done is revolutionary. You have figured out how to build trust with someone on the phone by using our creative right brains."

Bob and Gwen Baran, Gathering Wave LLC / Baran Productions

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Network Marketing

     "If you're in Network Marketing, and
don't own Ari's program, you're
asking for rejection"

People - Trish Murray"When I entered the Network Marketing field, the first thing I wanted to make sure of was that I didn't sound like a "network marketer". The first thing I was given was a sales script that made me cringe "Hi, my name is Trish, I'm calling you about a new business opportunity..." OUCH! Immediate hang ups and personal rejection. It was horrible. I even considered quitting the business but then I found Ari's program. His approach was the antidote to my fear of rejection. It  taught me to be myself again, start natural conversations with prospects and double my results. This is one program you can't afford not to have."

Trish Murrary, Representative, Melaleuca

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   "It's the best kept secret
in business today"

"Not possible. No way. I couldn't have ever imagined there was a way to sell in a humane manner, without being passive or losing my ambitions and focus. Unlock The Game  has got to be the best kept secret in business today. All those books and tapes on my shelf from the "sales gurus" have gone into the trash both literally and figuratively. Ari, brilliant job. Just makes so much sense. It's always these kind of ideas that end up changing the face of business as we know it." Glen Sinclair, Sales Consultant, Home Improvement - U.K.

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"Ari, you are a role model for me because I believe your integrity is key. I thought I was a failure as a sales person years ago, but after being exposed to your beliefs, I know I was taught negative sales behaviors."
Christina Marie Marsland, Telecom Plus- UK

     "Now I don't have to use those horrible
sales scripts that everyone hates!"

"When I became involved in the MLM business, the first thing we got in the training program was the same old script that you probably hear all the time -- “Hi, how are you today? I’m calling to see if you’d be interested in a new business opportunity where you can earn supplemental income with very little investment?” Uugggh!
My personality has never been on the aggressive side, so when I found Ari's program and realized I can still be successful in network marketing without being associated with the negative stereoytype of a network marketer, I knew I found the sales program for me."

Ben Cross, Mannatech Inc., Australia

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"Unlock The Game is life changing. I've been in sales and marketing in Australia for over 17 years and this program has single handedly made a breakthrough in my own selling results. It's a major mindset shift that has been long and coming in the selling world. The results are fantastic!'
Greg Sweet, Consultant, Vitality For Life, Australia
 Click to listen to Greg's personal story

     "The Mindset is exactly the opposite of how we are taught to sell, thank goodness!"

"The mindset is really making sense to me... it's almost as if it is (or should be called) the "natural" Mindset. I have been reading and listening to a lot of other trainers and techniques and all were the traditional approaches with some some change to make it appear to be different.But this is one I feel like I can stick with and will. I think the mindset applies to everything in life. Just being able to detect the pressure and knowing how to diffuse it in such a simple way. No need to escalate any conversation to a debate and a debate to a heated arguement when we all should know that nothing positive comes out of that sort of exchange in the end. 

I know you hear this from everyone and I know everyone means every word of it,

Thank You Ari. "

James Crosswell, Representative, Agel, Tulsa OK


   "It wasn't my product's fault,
it was HOW I was selling it,
that was the problem"

" I am really amazed at how much I am getting from your program.  I can see that my suffering through the selling process was holding me back from -- well, all kinds of stuff, really. It's just like you say in your materials -- that when you can relax and let go of some of pressure, you become freed up to be yourself -- wow, does that ever feel good. I had an appointment with someone this evening and I started off saying, "I don't believe in pressuring people, or closing, or one size fits all. I don't believe everybody should be a Melaleuca customer, and I just want you to do what's best for you and for you to feel comfortable." And I could feel the release of tension, and how freeing it was to have it go away, so we could just talk, like friends. I love it! I'm so glad I found you Ari and Unlock The Game."

Candice Hughes, Representative, Melaleuca

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Oil and Gas

"I never thought 'letting go' of the sale,
would make more sales!"

"Wow, what a wake-up call! The first thing that hit me from Ari's program was the mental focus of my calls. My mind was 100% focused on getting the sale, but my words were trying to avoid reflecting that. It was almost as if I was conflicted within myself, and the other person somehow picked up on the conflict and perceived me as not being genuine. It was almost as if I was trying to be two people, one who really cares for others and another who is forced to use behaviors that connect me to the negative sales stereotype.
Now I've learned to focus 100% on creating a conversation that expands into a two-way dialogue that addresses my prospect’s core issues, not my solution. Thank you Ari, you've saved my career."

MacKenzi Kuhn, Sales Consultant, Couch Oil and Gas Inc.

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"It feels good to finally stop chasing prospects and get them to respond to me"

"Your mindset was exactly the tool that I needed to end the chasing game with my prospects who try and disappear on me. One in particular and told me that he was seriously interested. We met, I sent him a proposal and then he was no where to be found. I just hate that feeling of being left hanging like that. Well, I read through your mastery materials and immediately applied what you teach about not applying pressure on the phone and using email and just like pure magic, he responded right back to me telling me the truth of where we stood. Thank you Ari."

Steve Ettel, Account Manager, Blackbourn Media Packaging

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Printing Services

   "I've learned how to diffuse the pressure points in a cold call"

"The most important lesson I have learned is the ability to spot and give a name to the response from either the client or myself, when pressure starts building up during a cold call.  This has given me the ability to steer the conversation very quickly away from the area where pressure is rising or adapt my approach to show more humility in order to reduce the pressure and keep the conversation/relationship alive. I have also learned that (and you said this in one of the CD's) some of my approach to sales is very similar to "unlock the game", but now instead of being this way with some of my clients (usually the ones I know the best and have the most respect for), I am actively looking at and making sure that I behave this way with all my potential and existing clients." 
Christian Pepper, Sales Consultant, Printers Direct - UK

"I've heard so many sales pitches about how this book or that seminar can help you become a better salesperson... only to wade through a lot of fluff. It was a refreshing surprise to get only good, solid nuggets with no "fluff" in the entire hour-long session! You provided specific responses to objections, and explained how and why they work. This is the kind of information I can begin to use immediately. "
Kim Daniels, Account Manager, Text & Image, Inc.

"I have studied mostly: Spin, Gitomer, Hopkins, and Meisenheimer. Your program is like stepping into the future. I have to admit I was doing a lot of chasing prior to listening to your Unlock The Game. You've opened my eyes." 
Mike McDonough, Principal, Flexo Graphics

Real Estate

"You're going to put all those old school
real estate sales trainers out of business"

" Ari, I love your Unlock The Game program.  One part in particular has really made a big difference for me. It relates to a question from a seller (I'm a real estate agent) who asked why they should do business with me (my company, etc.).  I said something to the effect of "Well, Mrs. Smith, I'm not necessarily sure that we should yet. May I ask you a few questions to better determine if we're a good fit?" (Or something like that). Well, Ari, she looked a little surprised at my reaction, and calmed down right away.  We both relaxed, and it got easier from that point on. Iabsolutely love the difference of not sounding scripted, etc. You're going to put all those old school sales trainers out of business!"
Caroline Karolewicz, Real Estate Broker, Century 21 Realty 

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" Thanks for creating such a fresh, honest way of establishing relationships with potential customers instead of hard selling them. I am going to start implementing your Unlock The Game into my real estate prospecting asap!."
Beverly Fenello, Real Estate Broker, Keller Williams Realty Consultants

" In Real Estate selling, especially calling FSBOs, overcoming the fear of cold calling can be the single most important factor for having a successful business. Your Unlock The Game is an idea whose time has come and I'm so glad I found it!"
Al Dahl, Real Estate Broker, RE/MAX

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"This is separates me from the typical
real estate broker stereotype"

  " Everyday I'm see more and more results that I never imagined were possible.  There are so many examples of how Unlock The Game has helped met. But what I can tell you is, with so many real estate brokers in the market today, Unlock The Game is the only selling program that makes me standout from the typical 'real estate broker' stereotype. In fact, just yesterday, I had a double sided transaction come close to falling apart and I used what I learned in the program and everything turned completely around with smiling faces all around.I made $7,000 dollars on that deal and I spent $497 with you, now that's a hell of an ROI.".
Doug Veilleux, Real Estate Broker, Alferes Reality

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"I would go so far to say that Ari's approach has the potential to rise to the top of any nationwide sales training program currently available. His Unlock The Game is definitely different than other sales training programs. It makes you re-think your sales approach and provides real strategies to apply immediately, without creating pressure on prospects. I believe your session had an impact on all of my sales people by getting them to truly understand the psychological implications of traditional sales person behavior and how that impacts their sales effectiveness."
Chris Heermans, VP Sales & Marketing, Fidelity National Title Company

"Ari, your one-hour session was the most eye-opening session I've experienced.
 I love the idea of cutting out the chasing and cutting to the chase. I believe using your Unlock The Game will give a new perspective to my real estate prospecting. I fully believe your approach can bring about more success in obtaining listings and also converting more buyer prospects to actual clients. Thanks again for a most informative hour." 
Annette Calvert, Re/Max Professionals, Highlands Ranch, Colorado

"My fear of cold calling will
never again hold me back again"

" The fear of cold calling has always held me back, but not anymore. I've bought all the "salesy" real estate programs out there, but Unlock The Game  blows all that junk away. It's the most natural but effective cold calling approach I've very seen. I'm now even using it in written communications with homeowners considering finding a broker to represent them in the transaction.There is no doubt that every Real Estate professional should have this program. If not, they are leaving a a lot of money on the table, without even knowing it. As of today, I'm throwing away all of my sales scripts taught by the "gurus" and will now rely on my own natural languaging and approach. Thank you Ari, you are a model for all of us to emulate. "

Dennis Black, Avalar Realty

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"My own hesitancy and reluctance is now completely gone, after so many years in the Real Estate business. Unlock The Game has shifted my thinking from "making the sale" to getting to the truth. This is the most profound program to hit the real estate business in the last ten years."
Scott Forcino, Real Estate Broker/Attorney, SFR Associates

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"Ari's program was the only way to
drop my old selling habits"

"I listened to your free mini-lessons and decided to order your material. Right as I was actually studying your program, I got 3 calls on my call-capture system. So I called them back using exactly what you teach in your program, consciously not trying to sell them, finding out what problems they were having, and then offering my help. From that,I got
one appointment, one lead talking to my lender for pre-qualification, and an email correspondence going with the 3rd to give her more information. Thank you for making the obvious so simple."
Chantaine Bulluck, Real Estate Broker, The Executive Group Realtors

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             "I'll take Unlock The Game over any
               sales guru scripts, anytime"

" While those in the Real Estate industry around me struggle with "selling scripts", I have always had a very natural approach to sales, and have stood out because of that. The few times I have struggled has been immediately after reading or hearing some sales guru expound on "techniques." I have tried to keep that stuff out of my head, and have done so reasonably successfully I think ... but you'll help me dust out any remaining debris.I feel your program will help me be myself more efficiently, and more confidently.

You know, I feel like you beat me to it with this program. In the back of my mind I have often said to myself, "I wonder if I could make a career teaching other sales people how to succeed without playing games ... indeed, to succeed BECAUSE they don't play games." I feel like that's what you are doing, and I congratulate you. You are a common-sense visionary."

Mark Allen, Real Estate Broker,  Mark Allen Team Realty

"I have been using your program and I'm finding that prospects do respond a lot better when they perceive that the pressure is off. Thanks for opening my eyes to a better solution."
Paul Chevalier, Senior Broker, Coldwell Banker Commercial NRT

"Picking your brain using the Mastery program has been the smartest thing
I've ever done"

" Ari, I keep wondering how much better my life would have been if I had your selling ideas when I started my sales career 10 years ago. It only took me a few days to quickly apply your mindset and languaging on a $1.2 million deal that I had been working on for a few months. The deal was close to closing and at the last minute the buyer backed off. My first instinct was to try and "close" him. But instead, I remembered your mindset that taught me how do diffuse the tension and pressure of the moment. I followed exactly what you teach, I didn't pressure him and I got the deal. Selling is all of a sudden so much easier."
Annette Guita, Consultant, AGPA & Assoc.

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"In this new economy, Unlock The Game definitely makes sense, especially since it's not a retread of any of the traditional sales training programs currently available. It's so counter-intuitive, yet incredibly effective. I just sent my sales force through the program and all of them have been giving me excellent feedback. I typically don't purchase sales training programs because most of them are generic and traditional... but, Ari, you've done an excellent job, especially providing the psychological underpinnings of why prospects attempt to control sales people and how we can counteract those attempts."
Rick Wagner, CEO, Eidon Inc.

"Ari's program made me realize that selling real estate is first about helping my clients, and second my paycheck"  

" The mindset makes perfect sense and is something I have used before, but it's gone by the wayside as the pressure increases to sell more real estate deals. After listening to the Unlock The Game program I was shocked to realize how I had forgotten that my goal is to service my clients, not the paycheck. I had a young couple that had dropped off the face of the earth prior to my purchasing your program.  I sent them emails using your wording and then called them to find out they have an uncle that fell into critial condition the day after we found the perfect home for them and kept them from moving forward with purchasing it. 

I am so glad my emails were light in nature so that they know I was concerned, not angry. 
I need to follow up with them with sensitivity during this serious time.
I am planning to do what you say, listen to the cd's until my mind shifts to this way of selling.
Thanks Again!"

Kay Showalter, Real Estate Broker, Realty One


"Cold calling made painless...
your tag line says it all!"

"Guess what Ari? I've studied your mastery program and followed your instructions to the "t"! I made all of my cold calls today. The great thing about it was all of my calls were painless. First of all, everybody seemed really happy to hear from me and they appreciated the call. Second of all and most importantly, I got over the initial hump of my cold calling fear and reluctance that was holding me back and giving me grief day in an day out. Thank you so much Ari, can't wait to learn more!"

Freya Childers, Realtor, Pruneda Real Estate Advisors


"Real Estate selling revolutionized."

"I entered the real estate field dreading being rejected and associated with the negative real estate stereotype. The real estate field jas become so commoditized that everyone and their cousin is now a broker. On day one in my office, I was told to play the "numbers game", be tough and don't take "no" for an answer. That was the worst advice I could have ever received. That way of thinking is exactly what feeds the negative real estate broker stereotype. Thank god for Ari's program. It has revolutionized my thinking and results. My sales are up 50 percent. I feel centered and relaxed, and I don’t feel affected by the negative perception of real estate brokers that everyone else carries."

Gavin Watts, Realtor, RE/MAX - Australia

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Staffing/Executive Search

  "After 6 months of cold call chasing,
I unlocked the game between me and
my prospect in 7 minutes"

" I have to tell you this because I'm just sitting here dumbfounded.  I'd been working with a prospect for the last six months or so. Everything was going fine. The sales process was moving forward (at least I thought it was) toward a possible sale.
Then, all of a sudden, she just stopped communicating with me.
It was as if she had just disappeared off the face of the earth.

"Damn it, you make a lot of sense! Your website and your thoughts make beautiful, and perfect, sense. I'm a person who resists cold calling like oil resists mixing with water but it's something I MUST do or my business won't survive. Your methods truly take the pressure off."
Jeff Goldberg, President, Executive Search Group

" Unlock The Game is the reason why I am a different person today than three weeks ago. Three weeks ago, when making cold calls I would use positive thoughts to see myself making the sale. After constant rejection I would continually pump myself up. This method was very exhausting and by the time I would go home I would be extremely tired. Needless to say cold calling was not my favorite thing to do and I would try to find anything to do but that. Applying Unlock The Game with Ari made all the difference in the world. There is no more internal pressure within myself to feel that I must "make a sale". No more desperation. On the flip side, people I call now easily converse with me and I'm now excited about making new calls!" 
Tyrone Tan, President, Accel Employment


"A massive weight has been lifted
off my shoulders "

"The moment I received the Unlock The Game program, I absorbed every word. It has made all of the difference in the world.
I no longer have to work myself up to make cold calls and, the shift to your mindset has relaxed my style and taken a massive weight off my shoulders. I will always be a dedicated student of your teachings." Adam Price, Leading Edge Computers Lambton - Australia , Sales & Marketing Manager


Listen to Adam's story

"Ari, thank you for your Unlock The Game. After nearly 20 years of IT selling, I had come to the conclusion that all sales training programs were basically the same  (I own hundreds of books , CD, audios, etc) and your approach is truly different. Getting to the truth and focusing on the clients problems versus my pitch is refreshing. Your approach to avoiding leaving voice mail works!"
Sean   Shea, Major Account Manager, Expert Server Group

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" We have begun to change our mindsets and we are really enjoying it and our results are great so far. John even had a customer verbally commit to a $20,000 order, and he wasn't even trying to make a sale! He was just calling to find out some information about their situation using your approach. The customer literally engaged himself by the mere fact that I wasn't trying to "sell" him. Thank you so much for finally documenting the "truth" about selling."
Mitch Fine, Sales Team Coach, Bizcom USA

   "My sales have increased 30-40% after using your new cold callng ideas"

" My sales have increased by 30-40%  after using
your new cold calling ideas.
  I am no longer getting
the negative responses  that I used to get. I just feel
so relieved that now I can really connect with new 
people on the phone without rejection.Thank you so
much much for all your knowledge and advice on
how to make my cold calling so much easier and
enjoyable.  The U.K. has needed this approach
for such a long time and thankfully it's finally here.

Toye Oshunbiyi, Field Sales Representative, Pitney Bowes - U.K. 

Listen to Toye's story

"Unlock The Game finally gives me and my sales team a validation of what we've all known for years: behaving, in any way, like a traditional sales person (i.e. using pressure-triggering words, determined voice tone, over-confidence, etc.), causes immediate defensiveness by prospective clients. Usually that defensiveness is subtle and hidden behind the façade of "I'll think about it, call me in a few weeks or send me information. Unlock The Game goes "behind the scenes" with a non-aggressive approach that is one of the most intelligent sales approaches I've ever seen. We will never go back to traditional selling... Ari, I'm now a believer. Thank you. "
Casey Guss, CEO, Acrendo Software, Inc  . 

"Ari, your program was just what the doctor ordered to improve the productivity of our sales team. We've used your tools and implemented your program and now I'm happy to say we have seen at least a 50% increase in our sales activity. We are now officially incorporating the Unlock The Game into our new sales employee orientation process."
Kim T. Folsom, CEO, Service-Trax, Inc.

 "All the cold calling tension is gone"

"I've started to incorporate your Unlock The Game approach into my daily activities and can say I've already seen great results. I'm not sure why I'm so amazed, but it's incredible the amounts of information I'm getting from my phone calls. What I've noticed is I'm forgetting to speak about my services. Instead, all the tension is gone. I easily create a natural dialogue with people over the phone. It's like pushing a button and just instantly removing the sales tension that usually is hidden behind the cold calling conversation."

Peter Trombetti, Vice President, AMK Consulting Group


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"I'm truly amazed that Corporate America hasn't fully caught on to Ari's Unlock The Game yet. As a billion dollar corporation, we need to stay competitive and ahead of the curve...that is why we have brought his program in-house. It's exactly what the sales industry has needed for approach that is innovative, intelligent, non-aggressive, and incomparable to any other sales training program I've seen over that last 20 years." 
Don Newton, Regional Vice President, Brother International Corporation  

"Ari, your profound ideas have re-conditioned my warrior/battle mindset to more of a casual conversation mindset as if I was at a wine-tasting event. You have helped me bring to the surface my true convictions with prospective clients, which grounds me in who I am and surprisingly builds a strong bond of trust with new potential clients."
Bill Grady, Corporate Account Manager, Expert Server Group

"I don't have to suffer chasing prospects any more, because now they call me back!"

"I followed your advice and it worked perfectly! I couldn't sleep for days thinking about having to chase down one of my prospects. She gave me all of the buying signals, everything from saying she was interested, to calling to ask me to submit a proposal. She told me to call her back a few weeks after the submission date and of course I did. I left her a voice mail, no call back. I emailed her, no reply. She just disappeared on me. I finally decided to take your advice and not put pressure on her by chasing her anymore. Instead I used your mindset and the phrases you have in your program and boom, it worked like a charm, she told me exactly what I wanted to hear!"

Norma Jackson, Director of Facilities Management, Balmar Services Inc.

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"Unlock The Game has taken the pressure out of cold calling, and actually made cold calling fun; more importantly, I'm now having a much higher success ratio in making meaningful progress on each call. The methods and techniques Ari teaches makes an immediate impact on my ability to get to the decision makers quickly and to be in the driver's seat from first call to close."
Mark Amundson, Senior Consultant, Alteer Software

"Your program is extremely effective. It is an approach that I wish was around when I began my sales career. It has had an immediate impact on our ability to engage new customers, beginning from cold calling (which is now a breeze) all the way through the sales cycle. Ari, feel free to have any prospective client give me a call and I'd be happy to share with them how your mindset has improved our sales effectiveness."
Jake Jacoby, Chief Executive Officer, Singlefin, Inc.

"Ari has been a cornerstone of the success of our company in the building and training of our sales organization. He combines energy, creativity and a deep knowledge of the sales process."
John Hentrich, President and CEO, WebSideStory

"It's refreshing to work with someone who is dynamic, focused, and results-oriented. Ari continues to impress me with his creative sales strategies and the long-term relationships that he continues to build."
Derek Cohen, Regional Sales Manager - North America, QUALCOMM 

"In a tough selling climate it is getting more difficult by the day to gain mindshare of executives that can actually purchase. In a quest to "hone my craft" I found your program. The seminar tonight was encouraging and I am looking forward to exploring and incorporating these techniques into my daily activities. Keep up the good work!"
Brian Boukal, Sales Account Manager, Precise Software Solutions 

"I truly enjoyed last night's seminar on objections. The interactive format made it much more free & easy than other lecture type seminars that I've attended. I'm very excited about "that's not a problem," and will start using the concepts almost immediately."
Ira Stoller, Senior Account Manager, Micro Strategies, Inc.

"Thanks for your seminar! I had 2 telemarketers listening and you could see them catching on. Your approach to initiate a dialog with the prospect should help a great deal."
Steve Rosenstein, Sales Manager, Figtree Consulting

"I have read your cold calling E-book and I have to say it's so refreshing. Already I feel so different making that cold call...there's no pressure on me or the client."
Peter Smith, Account Manager, GFI, U.K.

"I Listened to your CDs and loved them. The cold calling PDF you emailed me was the most helpful! I am so excited, I made 3 cold calls just this morning and instead of getting irritated people rushing me off the phone, I was able to have conversations. It is amazing how effective asking for help, saying I don't know and lowering your tone can be! Thanks Ari."
Peter Herman, Senior Account Manager, Qwest Communications

"Ari's approach provides the ability for our sales force to relate to prospects as people first. This means we can sidestep the stressfully and tedious "sales dance" and quickly determine if there is mutual benefit for further engagement. In a conference call with Ari, we challenged him to demonstrate his approach in a live prospect call. He did so with great success. After further study of his approach, my sales reps no longer dread cold calling. The mindset has invigorated the sales force and has already helped open new accounts. Thanks Ari!"
Charlie Leffingwell, Sales Manager, Expert Server Group

"At first I was skeptical that Ari's ideas would eliminate my nervousness when making cold calls, but to my pleasant surprise I realized today that I don't actual feel nervous any more and I'm now quietly confident and very relaxed."
Phillip Bugler, Senior Consultant, Continuum Services - Australia


 "A True Breakthrough"

"We met with the mayor of our city to offer him our online audio service, and we followed the exact mindset and language that is in your self-study program to make the sale happen with the mayor. I'm convinced if I would have used the approach I had been using for years (same sales approach that most everyone uses) this sale would have never happened.

The math works, I spent $497 on the Mastery program and doubled my investment in less than 20 minutes, on just one sale. Unlock The Game gets the dialog going, resulting in a win/win outcome without playing the dreaded sales game."Bob Donovan, Best Solutions, Inc.

Click to listen to Bob's story

"Ari, thank you so much for the program "Handling Objections." I had a few members of my sales team join in on the call, and we all learned something! We are planning on role-playing (as you did) at our next team meeting, so that everyone can take advantage of what we learned. Thanks again!"
Lee Embree, District Manager - Commercial Accounts, Sprint Canada Inc.

"Sales are up, my team has a new energy and focus, and I'm learning new sales techniques that diffuse pressure from the sales process. Your Unlock The Game is a natural sales approach, compared to most other sales training approaches that relay on tactics that cause the prospect to retreat. Ari has figured out a way to codify and systematize the mindset in a manner that makes it easily transferable to others." 
Toby Copeland, Director of Sales, Completecomm, Inc. 

  "Making cold calls by not trying to sell, now that's what I call happiness!"

" Humbleness, sincerity and helping people, I'm so glad that someone had the guts to stand up and say enough of this old-school selling nonsense! Ari's program is the only sales program that actually helps you make more sales without having to be more aggressive. It's such a relief to know that the more I can get away from a sales pitch and the more I focus on solving client problems, the more sales I'll make. Thank you for the newfound energy and path to sales that really allows me to be productive while being natural and sincere to others."

Robert Murray, Regional Consultant, Qwest Telecommunications


Click to listen to Robert's story

"I have used your call calling tips from your Unlock The Game this past week with GREAT results. I have hated cold calling until now. This method fits my personality and I find that people now try to give me information and they are nice about it. Thanks Ari!"
Michelle Ward, Senior Account Executive, XO Communications

"The 'fear of phone' has been raging out of control to the point of non-action and prayer was answered in finding your program.  It is the key for me to unlock the rest of the "doors" that have been closed for such a long time allowing me to soar once again. Your mindset is the glue that solidified the gaps I was feeling and it supplied the missing puzzle parts to get me back on track. Ari, your training is what will set me back on my feet, racing joyfully to fulfillment of dreams and goals."
Kate Marrs, Consultant, KM & Associates

 "The dread of cold calling is finally over"

People - Lason Perkins "I never thought it would be possible to eliminate the rejection and pain that I experienced.  The Unlock The Game program is so different yet makes so much sense, I implemented the ideas and my fear of cold calling began to melt away. It wasn't because of a new "line" or new "script", it was because Ari's ideas fundamentally shifted the way I viewed how to call on someone without working myself into a frenzy. I'm now the top producer in my territory and oh, cold calling is now fun again!"  

Lason Perkins, Sales Consultant, The College Network

Click to listen to Lason's story

Training and Development

  "Nothing Speaks Louder Than $32,000 in ROI"

People - Rick Itzkowich"I invested an insignificant amount of money to study the Unlock The Game mindset and up to this date,   I have earned exactly $32,000 of new revenue I wouldn't have had if I had'nt learned about Ari's program. If you have an ounce of skepticism, call me and I'll put your mind at ease." Rick Itzkowich, VP of Corporate Programs, Productive Learning and Leisure


Click to listen to Rick's story


   "After 35 years of selling,
I feel like I've been born again"

"I have been through every selling program you can imagine over the last 35 years. And I've done very well. I've made a lot of sales, but until I absorbed the Unlock The Game Mindset, I never realized how many sales I was LOSING. I picked up old selling habits that have been slowly bringing me down. What Ari has done is helped me think differently and step out of my "sales" role, so I could be myself again when I'm cold calling. What does this mean? It means I'm no longer burning opportunities with my old sales habits, I'm building trust on the phone, and I'm selling much more, and I'm happy again."

Jerry Gasche, CIO, Mind Serve Group

Click to Listen to Jerry's story


    "Now I know how to sell by being myself and not a 'salesperson'"

" My whole approach to selling has been indoctrinated over the last 11 years working for various companies.  My first ever sales manager told me that “Selling is a numbers game and you must apply pressure, pressure to get the sale". Ari you made me realize, that way of thinking is comes from the dinosaur age of selling. Your Unlock the Game program has re-programmed my mindset completely and I now look forward to picking up the phone and having a conversation with whoever is at the other end, be it gatekeeper or decision maker.

You have also taught me that approaching people from a human and humble perspective with no hidden agendas and simply talking to people and opening up a conversation about their issues, not my solutions really does work.  As you state Ari, the mindset really does apply to sales people and non-sales people alike and I’m proof of that because I can now be myself which, after all, is what I’m best at."

Chris Barnard, Managing Director, P-Tek Development Solutions - U.K.  

Click to Listen to Chris's story

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February 1, 2017         Quote Of The Day

"In an inbound call, when your prospect starts asking you questions about your solution to their problem, notice that the roles here are reversed compared to an outbound cold call. "


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