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"How Accidentally Listening In On
A Prospect Conversation, 
FINALLY Unlocked
The Sales Game!"

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       To pay for graduate school, I took a job in advertising sales.

       That's where I started to learn the basics of sales.

      The company had an in-house training program that encouraged us to learn from all the "gurus" you and I both know quite well (Ziglar, Hopkins, Tracy, Robbins, etc.).

       After I finished my degree, I was hired to design and develop corporate sales training for large corporations such as United Parcel Service and QUALCOMM.

      After seven years of doing this, I wanted to prove that I still had the chops to do selling myself. After all, I had been pretty good in college, and nobody knew this material better than I did.

      Still, I wanted to make sure that I was up on the latest advances in sales methodologies, so I enrolled in a number of sales seminars.

      Well, I was shocked. In almost a  decade, nothing had changed. I got hit by the same messages. I rationalized this by telling myself, "Well, I guess the fundamentals are the fundamentals."

      So I started my second career in direct selling. But something always felt a little bit off.

      I could never put my finger on it, but there were moments where I just knew that everything I had been taught was incomplete and not working. I felt like I was constantly chasing clients.

     I kept selling and sort of ignored my gut feeling until one day, I had a wakeup call - literally.

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