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"The Story Continues..."
(Approx. reading time: less than 3 minutes)

      I was on a phone call doing an online demonstration with the top executives from a software company, and it was going great.

      Have you ever had a sales call that basically felt like a love-fest?

      Everything was going by the book. They were interested. They were asking me tons of questions. I was giving brilliant answers. They "oohed" and "aahed".

     At the end of the call, they thanked me profusely for my time and said they would definitely be getting back to me.

     My head was swollen with pride.

      I went to hang up the phone -- and then something happened that would change my life.

      By accident, I pressed the mute button instead of the hang-up button.

      I didn't realize this until I heard them continuing to talk.

      They had not hung up. And what do you think they were talking about after our exciting and engaging phone conversation?

      The first words I heard, which I'll never forget, were, "OK. So we're definitely not going to go with him. Keep stringing him along -- get more information so we can get a better deal with the other company."

     I was devastated. They had lied to me.

     I was in shock and totally confused. I felt they were treating me as less than human. Simply because of my role as the "salesperson," these people had dehumanized me.

     How was this possible? I had done everything right. I had studied all the best sales material in the world. I was a hard worker. I hadn't cut any corners.

     I thought and thought about this. After a while, I began wondering how many other people who were telling me they were interested were really just lying to me.

     More importantly, I began to wonder why my prospects or clients would lie to me.

     The more I sat with all this, the more I realized that virtually everything I had been told about sales was wrong!

    I knew what didn't feel good. I knew what wasn't working and I never wanted to experience that horrible feeling of rejection and being lied to again.

    It took me several years before I was able to formulate the specific mindset, words, and phrases that build trust between strangers.  

    Over the years, I developed a way to sell that is the most natural, easy way possible and yet still incredibly effective... it's called
Unlock The Game™.

     Here is where you can start to learn the selling secrets that I discovered, refined and tested so you can immediately increase your sales without the pain and frustration you might be experiencing now.

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March 26, 2017         Quote Of The Day

""That's not a problem" is probably the last thing prospects expect you to say, based on their experience with the traditional sales mindset. They're probably expecting you to either try to cleverly neutralize or to move past their objection."


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