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How to Unlock the Follow-Up Game by
Turning "Chasing" into Problem-Solving

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Dear Ari,



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Edmund Clarke, United Kingdom
Hi Ari, thanks for the latest sales insite with Tad hargrave, its great stuff. I just think this new breakthrough you have moulded us into changing is breathtaking, this is how we as individuals should portray ourselves, transparent in all we do. How much more enjoyable, satisfying, proud you feel with having this mindset with your prospects and existing clients. Soon I hope to master these pearls of wisdom you have shown us, and again thank you for this wonderful journey its taking me on to become a true ENTREPRENEUR and proud to be worthy of my advice and guidance in financial services.

success and thanks Edmund.

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"There's nothing wrong with bringing up everything that the two of you need to know about each other so you can decide if it would make sense to work together."


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