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Here are some commonly asked questions:
"What if you're on the phone when I call?"
No problem -- one of my assistants will pick up or, you can leave a message and we will call you back.

"Does it really work?"
You bet it does!. Try it for yourself by selecting your country, entering your phone number, and clicking the
Call Now button.

"How does the technology work?"
It's simple. The calls are routed through the Internet directly to your phone and then to our phone.

"Will my phone number be kept private?"
Absolutely. 100% privacy is our policy.

"I've never tried this call service before, what can I expect?"
Certainly not a sales pitch -- never! Just like everything about
what we teach, this is another way we can connect with you at the human level, one-on-one to help you solve your selling issues. The whole purpose of this "Call Now " button is for you to have a productive conversation with us about YOUR concerns and issues.

"Does it matter what country I'm in?"
No, just choose your country in the drop-down menu, type in your phone number, and click "Call Now."

In the meantime, don't be bashful, put it to the test and try it for yourself.

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