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   A couple of weeks ago I arrived back in Sydney after 10 days in New York, Florida, and Southern California meeting with clients, doing corporate trainings, and visiting family. 

   Although I've been back to the States several times since relocating to Australia, this time I didn't go alone. I took Adam Price, one of my staff members, with me.

   Like everyone else on my staff, Adam found my website on the Internet and ordered the Unlock The Game Mastery Program soon after.

   At the time, he was selling information technology and experiencing the same problems that so many of us know so well…continued rejection from cold calling the old way, exhaustion from chasing prospects who had no intention of buying, and sheer awkwardness from feeling that he was intruding on the prospects he was calling.

   Adam adopted the mindset so quickly -- not just at the intellectual level but from his heart and soul -- that I quickly realized that he was exactly the kind of person I wanted working with me.

   Our trip was both exhilarating and exhausting. As we boarded the plane for the flight back to Australia, Adam said to me, “You know, Ari, I've been thinking that this trip has been a lot like learning about Unlock The Game for me.”

   Adam comes from Newcastle, a city of about a half-million people a couple of hours from Sydney, and he had never traveled outside Australia.

   His observations about life in Australia and what he had seen in America, and how those comparisons related to the way his selling mindset had changed, were so interesting and perceptive that I thought you might be able to apply some of his insights to your selling life.

   When I asked him what he meant, the first thing he said was, “I guess that the one thing that most made me feel I was outside my comfort zone was that in the States, people drive on the right side of the road, because in Australia we drive on the left. I almost got run over a couple of times because every time I crossed a street, I kept looking in the wrong direction.

   “I couldn't help it -- it was how I’d been brought up ever since I was a little kid. But now I had to keep reminding myself to pay attention. I was surprised by how long it took me to start getting used to looking the other way. And how uncomfortable it felt.”

   Making the Shift to New Habits

   “Even after 10 days, it still wasn't second nature,” he said. “I guess you can’t unlearn old habits and learn new ones overnight…which is what made me think about working with Unlock The Game and how it’s like learning to drive on the other side of the road.

   “Traditional sales approaches are like learning to drive on one side of the street. You learn it that way and you do it for years. You take it for granted that that’s what it’s like. But suppose you find yourself in another country, like I did, where there's another set of rules.

   “Unlock The Game is like going to a country where people drive on the other side of the street. It can take time before it even registers how much of a shift it is. You have to start paying attention in different ways -- ways you've never thought about before. And you also have to change your behavior and learn to speak and act more naturally instead of in a scripted way.”

   I asked, “You mean, it throws you out of your comfort zone and you find yourself looking the ‘wrong’ way a lot of the time?”

   He nodded, and then told me about talking with people who had bought the Mastery Program and said they felt a little confused about what to say at first because they were stuck in the traditional sales mindset -- until they finally realized that it would take a little bit of patience to start learning how to “drive” the Unlock The Game way.

   Why It Can Actually Be Hard to Unlearn Rejection

   “Here's another thing about comfort zones,” Adam continued. “When you're making cold calls using traditional sales approaches, rejection and pain happen all the time. Traditional programs tell you that rejection is inevitable and you just have to get used to it. You can't let it get to you, and if it does, maybe you're not cut out for sales.

   “So even though rejection is so uncomfortable, it actually becomes a comfort zone that people get used to. And when they begin working with Unlock The Game, sometimes they don’t realize how much they’ve gotten used to the pain until it goes away.”

   Here a some specific suggestions that you might want to keep mind based his experiences:

   * Be aware that moving out of your sales comfort zone can take getting used to, especially if you've spent years following the “rules of the road” taught in traditional sales approaches.

   * Accept that it can take time, effort and focus to learn the new sales habits that will help you “drive” on the UTG side of the street.

   * The program materials are your companions and allies. The more consistent you are in studying all the parts of the program and integrating it into your sales activities, the more quickly and easily you'll find yourself in the Unlock The Game comfort zone.

   Or, as Adam said, “It was really helpful for me to have you around guiding me through the whole trip. I now see more clearly why it’s so important to keep studying the program materials over and over. The only way to learn is by reinforcing it, but eventually it does become second nature and as natural as an old friend.”

    The Unlock The Game is designed to offer you all the tools you need to make the Mindset your own and to apply it to your sales activities so you'll feel comfortable.   

   To your success,   


   P.S. I’d love to hear any comments you might have. Send me a note here or give me a call.

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