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Reactions from Toby’s Friends….

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   Dear Friend,

   Have you ever been in a situation when your intuition was telling you to do something even though people close to you were telling you not to? But you went ahead anyway and found out that your intuition was right?

   Well, that's what happened to me last week.

   Normally, every couple of weeks, I send out a new article about selling based on Unlock The Game. But last week I sent out "Lessons from Toby," holiday reflections on my two-year-old son, Toby.

   It was a real departure for me. In fact, I was actually scared to send it out because I wasn't sure how you and all of my subscribers would react to something so personal. (If you haven't had a chance to read it, here's the “Lessons from Toby” letter.)

   Even my father and grandmother felt that sharing my thoughts and feelings about what Toby has brought to my life wouldn't connect with people who didn't know me personally.

   As it turned out, the opposite was true. I followed my intuition and sent it out to my more than 25,000 subscribers -- and something amazing happened.

   Within minutes, my inbox started filling up with heartfelt, deeply touching responses from hundreds of readers.

   I couldn't believe it.

   It was as if I had unknowingly opened floodgates that transcended the normal business world, where all of a sudden what I had written connected all of us together as human beings.

   What's more, I found that it wasn't only Toby who had wisdom to share with us -- all the subscribers who wrote back to me had wisdom to share as well.

   “Maybe if we can learn how to be a little more in the moment (like Toby), with more patience and openness, and to recognize that we're just like everyone else -- and also uniquely ourselves -- we'll find it easier to reconnect with the best parts of ourselves as human beings. Thank you, Toby, for prompting me to remember to stay connected with my unique grace.”

   “I sometimes get frustrated that I do not have the multi-tasking abilities that a lot of my colleagues have. I usually do one thing at a time and try to think only one thought at a time, though unsuccessfully under stress. Looking at Toby, I feel I can learn to be grateful for the abilities that I do have rather than feel small for the abilities that I do not. I love the fact that you thought us worthy of sharing your life with us. I am touched by your trust.”

   “Sometimes the most obvious things in life are the hardest to see and easiest to forget.  I have printed out your ‘Toby letter’ and will read it every day.”
   “Today I have slowed down to take time to write to you. I appreciate I'm not perfect but know I'm being the best I can be, and although I have a tough meeting today I will walk away knowing I have done my best, with honesty and integrity. It's so reassuring to read your newsletter and remember the wonders of life and how they all relate in some form, be it personal or on a work level.”

   “I've never written before and have not bought your program yet. However, I would like to say thank you for the e-mails you have sent — they have helped me out in different situations. I liked reading about what you have learned from your son. As I read your comments, I believe they could all be summed up in your first realization, ‘Live in the present moment.’

   Also, as this subscriber pointed out, Toby's lessons for daily living are actually key components in Unlock The Game:

   “What strikes me most about the ‘Lessons from Toby’ is that the points you brought up all create the Unlock The Game Mindset. When you get into the present moment, slow down and focus, don't let things get to you, and stop judging, your conversation is genuine and authentic, it is easy to create genuine trust, and most of all it’s easier to get to the truth of the matter.

   Your program materials always seems to be toward getting people to slow down, to relax, to add pauses (which means to be in the present), to understand the other person's problem by slowing down and focusing on listening, to not judge (because a gatekeeper may be the decision-maker), to seek out the truth (by not being judgmental), and to be willing to accept the outcome.

    These comments started me thinking more about the Mindset, because I've been developing it my whole life and living by it each day, and I'm now realizing how it can be applied to many different relationships and situations in our lives besides selling and the business context.

   Just thought I’d share with you that many of my Mastery Program clients, in addition to using their materials for improving their cold calling efforts, are also using their new mindset to create trusting relationships in other areas of their lives -- with their spouses, kids and, for those who are single, even dating relationships.

   Since the principles from "Lessons from Toby" and the Unlock The Game Mindset blend so well, don’t be surprised if from time to time I start sharing with you other applications of how Unlock The Game can make your life more prosperous and fulfilling.

   This whole experience has had an indelible impact on me. It has brought me full circle about how important it is to treat everyone -- clients, prospects, and colleagues - as human beings, and not just as people you "do business with."

   I hope you'll feel comfortable sharing with me what areas of your life you'd like to see the Unlock The Game mindset applied to help you grow in your business and personal life.

    Or maybe it's all just one life, and maybe that's Toby's next lesson for us all.

    Please take a few moments to send me your comments by clicking here.

To your success,

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