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Manager Worried

FACT: Your Sales People Are Experiencing Rejection, Chasing Prospects Who Aren't Calling Them Back,  Triggering Lost Revenue and Sales For Your Company…

It’s Not Their Fault And You Have The Opportunity To Do Something About It, Today…

Welcome to Unlock The Game®, a new sales approach, based on trust and integrity that will give your sales team a new “lease” on their sales life and give you the sales performance that you expect.

No one needs to tell you the economy has shifted dramatically in the past few years, but someone needs to speak the truth about why your sales team, as confident as they may appear, are burning through countless sales opportunities for your company.

To a large extent, they’re chasing what I call “ghosts”, prospects who appear to be interested, but have absolutely no intention of buying.

The Old Sales Model

Most likely, your sales team is still using the old sales model in their sales process:

1. Call a prospect or lead
2. Introduce yourself and your company
3. Make a sales pitch or try and ask questions
4. Hope things go well

End result of this process in most cases is rejection, chasing “ghosts”, chipping away of one’s self-esteem, a growing sense that selling is “tough” and daily sales losses for your company.

If you strip down virtually every traditional sales guru’s message and most corporate sales training programs, you’ll find the above model still present in most of them.

To cut to the chase, each day, your sales team is doing what they believe they are supposed to do: SELL.

What they may not realize is they should be CREATING TRUST rather than pushing for the sale.

Imagine if you’re sales people could:

- Bring to life their “dead” prospects they’ve been chasing for months

- Stop burning through leads and then say to you “I need more leads to call…” not realizing how many sales they are in fact losing

- Become aware (for the first time) of their “style”, speed of delivery, strong voice tone, quickness of dialogue that trigger rejection

- Come into the office each day happy about getting on the phones and expecting to have productive conversations with highly qualified potential customers

- Take full responsibility for their own results, rather than blame the prospect, customer, your marketing, or “tough times”

- Break their fear of prospecting, once and for all (believe me, they all have it, even at the senior level, they just cover it up)

- Transform their sales mindset to one of creating trust with their prospects to identify the truly qualified ones versus the ”ghosts”

- Give themselves permission to be their natural selves and “sell” in a way that feels good to your potential customers

Here’s the irony of all this, in this new economy:

Encouraging your sales team to make more calls and be more enthusiastic is just going to pour more “fuel on the fire”, preventing them from achieving their sales targets consistently.

Now, more than ever, is the time to re-invent your sales team’s approach to selling so they stop burning sales opportunities and start creating new sales.

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February 19, 2016         Quote Of The Day

"When using the Mindset, you'll find yourself having more energy because you'll no longer have to shift into a "sales role.""


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