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Blog Post Encouragement Arrows

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videos-sales pressure ,unlicking the truth- problem solver, NSW,Australia
Very happy with the videos i have seen .... I have been to numerous sales training seminars and they all seem to revlove around the same techniques which in the past have been a little boring. You have opened up my world and look forward to seeing more....
Thank you for sharing your experiences and solutions to open up future opportunities..
Virginia, , Australia
Wow, selling with integrity! I knew it had to be possible but I had no idea how. Thank you so much for all you share.
Marc, Australia
Hi Ari,

I think it's great what you teach I want
To learn more.
Isabella Tan, China
Hi Ari, what you teach us is AMAZING! I've just been in the cold call industry for a while, and i was required to be tough on the phone as i was trained so. But i sometimes doubt about what i was doing there, all the pushy, the pressure, the objections make my head grow two times! And i feel something is not right there yet i can't tell what it is. And now when i watched your video, i find the Answer! Cold call don't have to be all cold, we can make it relax with trust and integrity! 'open'"that's not a problem"those are magic words! And most important thing is, you qualify the client and let him tell you the truth by a easy way! No words can express myself now except WOW, WOW, WOW. I left the cold call industry 9months ago, and now i can't wait to came back and apply all what i learn from you. I will do that! And wish to have more video from you! Hope that someday i can come to Australia and watch your alive show!
Stanil Dobrev, Bulgaria
"That's not a problem"... Great stuff, Ari!
You make the selling seem so natural human activity. :-)
Ruth , Edison, NJ US
All great information!! thank you
sabine , QLD
your information is like a revelation I have been waiting for a long time!

Thanks heaps
Joedel Barro, Cebu City,Philippines
thanks ari,really helps,looking forward from you again
Frank Hernandez Jr, CVhicago ill, 60639
Hello Ari
I have been enlightend by your approach for selling. I have been in sales for a short while and my core belief about selling anything is integrity. Your way of teaching this shows that you are a man of integrity and truethfulness . Great Video . God Bless Your Son He's Awesome. Thank You
Helmut, Sacramento, CA
An amazing perspective to sales. Natural and honest. Your approach leaves the customer in control to be honest with you.
Barry Mermelstein, United States

You are a natural. You found the right niche for yourself. I tuned in to hear some suggestions as I may end up in my own business in a few years and will be chief cook and bottle washer, including sales. As a former therapist, who helped people to discover who they were and find a better way, the focus on the client and their needs seems to be the most logical way to go.

I enjoyed what I heard, and learned.
Delroy Elliott, Ilford Essex
Ari, these videos are fantastic, can we get them in MP3 format so I can listen on my way to work?
Carl Palmer, Idaho, USa
Ari... just adding my thank you for this new approach to selling best I have heard...looking forward to hearing more
Iris, Roanoke
That was great!!!!
Truth-vs -Sale, United States
Love it You are the best trainer I have heard.
I would love to hear some more on objections.
Thank You In Advance
Faridah, Malaysia
Amazing Ari! I always KNEW there had to be a better way --- and you've captured it!
Jeff Keup, san diego, ca

The language, the vocal patterns, the matter-of-fact attitude, almost transforms the salesperson into a facilitator--and the customer into a needed business partner. I can't think of a better way to build a long-lasting relationship!
adrian dreksler, spain
Amazing approach ,it is about time to "humanized"sales and convert it into a tool to help people.

Thanks Ari for showing the way.
Victor Forbes, Sydney, Australia
Your son Toby is a beautiful little boy, I would be proud for him to be a friend of my son (Jackson) who will be 7 in December.
Siddhaarthun, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Thank you very much Ari. This is something different and new to me and I am going to apply it starting from this point. Cheers!
abraham, MONTREAL
This guy is great. Just saw a couple short videos & its helping me already!
Greg, Newcastle, Australia
Thanks for your invaluable information Ari. My attitude is changing and you are adding value to me - thankyou. The business conversations I have with people tomorrow will be different as a result, and I'm excited about that!
Remove sales pressure, mumbai, maharashtra, India
Incredible conversational language, digging into the hidden meaning behind the statements was captivating. I am definitely going to apply in my practice
Brenda, Augusta, GA
Great clip! Just saying "That's not a problem" makes me relax! Love the idea of never having to "pitch" again. Good job!
Josue, San Salvador, El Salvador
Truth vs Sale
For many years I had been focused on the sale rather than the truth. Thanks for your tons of help, magic words "That's not a Problem."

Madan, Bangalore, India
Hai Ari,
It was a great helping guidance from you, the 3 words "That's not a Problem" Worked out
Thanks a lot Sir!
London, UK
Hi Ari, I have been with you guys for two months and I have just got a new customer using UTG which is great , i always struggled to cold call
and just got into coping with rejection all the time.
This is just what I have been looking for keep up the good work!
Ari Galper, Sydney, Australia
Great Job Paul! So glad you are shifting your mindset and finding success with Unlock The Game. All it takes is commitment and a willingness to change.
Bo Esbensen, hilleroed,Denmark
Hey Ari.
Great stuff...
have you got any material about the realy competive customers who do NOT wish to comply..? Those who keep the pressure on and attack on and on...?
thx Bo Esbensen Denmark.
Jeanette Spofford, Pittsburgh, PA
Wow! Over the last five years our sales team has studied question based selling from many sources. Your solution is the best I have seen. I love the authenticity and the relaxed (defuse the pressure) approach. We are going to want to see more. Thank you for the help.
Ana P. Tuccillo, Manalapan, NJ
Thanks for sharing all the tips ... great stuff!
Bradley Briggs, Lexington, MA
Hi Ari, You have made the difference. I have used your methods and had amazing results. When calling a CEO, before I was totally in the mindset, his response was you sound like a salesman... I used some of your approach, I'm sorry I didn't mean to come across that way, I don't know if I have anything to sell you. The result were so defusing he spent the next 54 minutes giving me referals in his industry. And that was not a problem! Thank you for your great help. I enjoy mentoring on the Chat Line as well. This truth video is, as all your videos just what I needed.
Mike Pedersen, Cave Creek, AZ
This is very good. I love the word "open". I'm getting over my angst of the "two ton" phone.
Chris, Brisbane, Australia
Great stuff Ari!! Have been using UTG for a few months now. Feeling very relaxed about selling again....why did it take you so long to come to AUS!
Tracy, San Diego, CA
Good stuff Ari! I hate feeling like I'm chasing someone that is not interested or is the wrong person I need to talk to for a product or service. Thank you for Unlocking the Game for so long. Continued blessings to you and your family.
Allison , Atlanta, GA
Ari, I have your programs "Unlock the Game 1 & 2." All I can tell you is that your programs was the first time in my business life I had the mindset, process and tools to totally erase all anxiety in the sales conversation.

I shifted from confusion and anxiety to complete confidence AND creating more sales easily and effortlessly. I have virtually zero objections in my sales conversations AND I create more sales.

You were a HUGE breath of fresh air in the sales area of my business. Thank you for the transformation! I LOVE what you do/teach!
Ari Galper, Calabasas, CA, United States
Hi Allison, great to hear from you and you are experiencing EXACTLY what everyone experiences when they stay open minded, "let go" of traditional sales thinking, focus on creating trust in selling and immersing themselves deep into Unlock The Game. I'm hoping you and I can meet soon as I'll be announcing something BIG next week that you're going to love!

si, spain
Yes excellent video. I do like 'thats not a problem' and we dont want to replace....

Nigel, Leeds, England
Wonderful -thanks Ari - it all makes sooo much sense. And congratulations on taking feedback from my previous live chat - and adding the length of the video - much appreciated! I'd still love to be able to pause and rewind to capture those nuggets, though ;-)
Can't wait for the next installment...
Martha Chiriboga, Cape Coral, FL
I previously purchase both Master 1 and Mastery 2 and I just want to say how appreciative I am of how you keep up with the current trends.

I don't know if Maya still works there, but she was very helpful to me, too.

Keep up the good work.


P.S. We haven't had any updates about your son. How is he?
Ari Galper, Calabasas, CA, United States
Hi Martha, great to hear from you. Maya left a while back and yes she was great. Toby is doing fantastic thank you so much for asking. He is in a main stream school and is happy as can be.

We are having an Unlock The Game special event soon that you'll be hearing about soon to help you reconnect with us.

We'll be in touch.
Roger Appleby,
Beautiful, I so love the idea of developing the ability to avoid a fruitless chase, that accomplishes nothing except sucking the motivation out of myself.
Ari Galper, Calabasas, CA, United States
So true Roger, the "chasing game" is absolutely fruitless when you are chasing prospects who have not told you the truth of what they are thinking. Once you can get to the truth early on in the process, chasing turns into connecting, that's when selling stops being painful.
Truth vs Sale, Va Beach, Va USA
I have been in sales & mlm most of my life I like that you cover ALL the steps, what are some objections, what's behind the objections, words to defuse the objections and where to go next. Steve Bilenky on Facebook.
Michael Rimman, Phoenix, Arizona
I've already tried the ideas from your last video and you're right they work! What was holding me back was my own foolish skepticism, probably just burnt out from the same old same old sales ideas out there. I'm ready for more.
Stacy Minton, New York, New York
I'm sending this to everyone I know. You've got charisma and your strategies make SO MUCH sense. When are you coming to the US to give us Ari live?
Ari Galper, Calabasas, CA, United States
Hi Stacy, thank you so much. I'll actually be making an annoucement soon about coming back to the US for our first global sales event...stay tuned!
Christian Johansen, Melbourne, Australia
Mate, this is absolutely fantastic material. Of all the American sales leaders, you are by far the one that has a message and vision we can all connect with. Keep up the great work Ari!
Hank Rynan, Dallas, Texas
This is your best video clip so far Ari! Great content, I've got a page of notes. What you are teaching is so profound, please send more.

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